Ten fun facts about Monaco

Image of Monaco

Ten fun facts about Monaco

Image of Monaco

1. Stunning Views of Med from Monaco's Chemin des Revoires

Perched atop the highest point in Monaco, the Chemin des Revoires stands at an impressive 528 feet above sea level. This picturesque spot offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding French and Italian Riviera. Visitors to the area can take in the stunning scenery while enjoying a leisurely stroll along the winding paths of the Chemin des Revoires.

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2. The Tiny Country with a Big Impact

Monaco is a tiny country with a big impact. It is the smallest country in the world with a coastline, measuring just 2.02 km, and is also the smallest member of the United Nations. Despite its size, Monaco has a rich history and culture, and is known for its luxurious lifestyle and stunning scenery. It is a popular tourist destination, with its Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Monaco is a unique and fascinating country, and its small size is no indication of its importance.

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3. The Most Densely Populated City in the World

Monaco is an incredibly densely populated city, with a population density of over 18,000 people per square kilometer - making it the second most densely populated city in the world as of 2013. This is an impressive feat, considering Monaco is only 2.02 square kilometers in size.

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4. Monaco the Home of the IAAF

Since 1993, Monaco has been the proud home of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the world governing body of athletics. The IAAF is responsible for the regulation and promotion of the sport, and is the world's foremost authority on all matters related to track and field, long-distance running, and race walking. Monaco has been a fitting home for the IAAF, as the country is renowned for its commitment to athletics, having hosted the IAAF World Athletics Championships in 2003 and the IAAF World Indoor Championships in 2005.

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5. A Small Country with a Beautiful Coast and Luxurious Lifestyle

Monaco is a small country located in Western Europe, and its official religion is Roman Catholicism. However, the majority of the population (83%) is Christian, with a variety of denominations represented, including Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Anglicanism. The country is known for its beautiful coastline, its luxurious lifestyle, and its status as a tax haven.

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6. Monaco switches to euro

Until 2002, Monaco used the franc as its official currency. However, in 2002, the country switched to the euro, which has since become the official currency of Monaco. This change was made in order to align Monaco's currency with the rest of the European Union, as the euro is the official currency of the majority of EU countries.

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7. Tax Haven An Attractive Destination

Monaco is an attractive destination for those looking to avoid income taxes, as the city levies no income taxes on individuals. This makes Monaco an ideal place for those seeking to keep more of their hard-earned money, as the city does not take a cut of their income. Despite not being a tax haven, Monaco offers a unique opportunity for those looking to keep more of their money.

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8. 190th poorest country in the world? Monaco beats the odds

In 2014, Monaco had one of the lowest poverty rates in the world, ranking 190th out of all countries according to the CIA World Factbook. This impressive statistic is a testament to the country's commitment to providing its citizens with a high quality of life and economic security.

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9. The City of Sun and Warm Weather

The city of Monaco enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, with average temperatures ranging from 48-58 degrees and an impressive 300 days of sunshine each year. This makes it an ideal destination for those looking to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm temperatures.

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10. A City on the Sea

Monaco is an almost entirely urban area, with one of its only natural resources being fishing. The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea, making it an ideal spot for fishing, with a variety of species such as anchovies, sardines, and tuna. The city also has a long history of fishing, with the first fishing boats being recorded in the 13th century. Fishing is an important part of the local economy, providing jobs and sustenance to the people of Monaco.

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