Ten fun facts about Jean Baptiste Lamarck

Fact 1
Jean-Baptiste Lamarck was born in France in the year 1744 and worked all his life to make biology a broader science by contributing towards its growth.

Fact 2
He was also one of the fighters in the Pomeranian War and gained recognition for his services for his country while in battle.

Fact 3
It was during this war, when he was stationed at Monaco that he developed a deep curiosity in the natural sciences and was determined to study medicine.

Fact 4
Gravely injured during the war in an accident with one of his mates, he had to undergo medical treatment for the period of one year.

Fact 5
Botany fascinated him the most and it was his work in the same science that helped him become a part of the prestigious French Academy of Sciences.

Fact 6
He spent around ten years in France observing and studying the flora in the region and understanding its nature.

Fact 7
Lamarck is credited with having come up with the term ‘invertebrates’. He was an impressive taxonomist as well and is on record as having named thousands of species.

Fact 8
His work on “The Complexifying Force” and “The Adaptive Force” were two of the major theories that he worked on, as part of the Lamarckian evolution themes.

Fact 9
Lamarck was one of the first few men of science who made use of the word ‘biology’ when he utilized it in his published work “Hydrogeologie”.

Fact 10
He slowly lost his vision as he aged and went totally blind before he died in the year 1829. He left his family so poor they had to apply for financial assistance to the Academie.

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Short about Jean Baptiste Lamarck
Was a naturalist from France and a propagator of the theory that evolution transpires in tandem with the natural laws.