Ten fun facts about Cyprus

Fact 1
Cyprus is located south of Turkey and west of Syria and Lebanon and northwest of Israel. It is also spelled as Kipros or Kypros.

Fact 2
The capital of Cyprus is Nicosia. It is the only capital in the world to be divided by “The Green Line” between two nations – the Republic of Cyprus (South Cyprus) and the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

Fact 3
The highest peak in the Troodos Mountain Range in Cyprus is Mount Olympus which reaches up to 6420 ft above sea level.

Fact 4
The country gained its independence from the United Kingdom on 1st October, 1960 and then became a Commonwealth Republic in 1961.

Fact 5
The official language used in the Republic of Cyprus is Greek which is spoken by nearly 82%. English and Russian are widely spoken.

Fact 6
The principal religion of the people of the country is Greek Orthodox.

Fact 7
The official currency is the Euro that is common with many member states of the EU.

Fact 8
The weather is mild with a Mediterranean sort of climate. Cyprus has abundant sunshine even in winter months with very little rainfall. During the summer season the temperatures go as high as 40⁰C.

Fact 9
The stunning mountain ranges and its numerous coastal beaches the country a great tourist attraction.

Fact 10
The natural resources are copper, pyrites, gypsum, asbestos, timber, salt, clay earth pigment and marble.

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Short about Cyprus
Is a Eurasian country situated in the Eastern Mediterranean towards the southern side of Turkey with Levant on its west and Egypt to the North.

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