Ten fun facts about Syria

Fact 1
Syrian climate is mostly desert, hot, dry, sunny summers from June to August and mild rainy winters from December to February. Snow or sleet may be experience periodically in Damascus.

Fact 2
Syria gained independence from French control on 17th April 1946.

Fact 3
Syrians are mostly Arab although about 9% are Kurds. Their population is about 90% Muslim, mostly Sunni.

Fact 4
The official name of Syria is “Syrian Arab Republic” and the official language is SyriaisArabic. The other languages spoken are Aramaic, Armenian, Kurdish, Circassian and French.

Fact 5
The currency used in this country is the Syrian Pound.

Fact 6
The capital of Syria is Damascus. It is one of the world’s oldest cities that have been continuously inhabited.

Fact 7
Syrian has some of the world’s most beautiful railway stations. Syria is a popular destination for Shia pilgrims from Iran.

Fact 8
Syria was once a major center for weaving and grading in textiles. Damascus has mastered the ancient technique for weaving patterns into cloth - Damask which has become very famous.

Fact 9
Syrian agriculture includes wheat, cotton, barley, lentils and beef. Their economy depends on textiles, petroleum, beverages and food processing.

Fact 10
Syria exports crude oil, fruits and vegetables, petroleum, cotton fiber and clothing and imports machinery and transport equipment, metal and metal products, electric power machinery, food and livestock, chemical products, plastics, yarn and paper.

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Short about Syria
Is situated in Southwest Asia and bordered by Lebanon, the Mediterranean Sea and the island of Cyprus in the West, Israel in the southwest, Jordan in the south, Iraq in the east and Turkey in the north

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