Ten fun facts about Paul Ehrlich

Fact 1
Paul Enrlich was born in Germany in the year 1854, and won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his exemplary work on immunology.

Fact 2
Although a Jew by religion, he did not focus much on Jewish customs and focused more on being practical rather than religious.

Fact 3
Paul Enrlich undertook medical learning and received a doctorate in the year 1882 and he married Hedwig Pinkus in the subsequent year.

Fact 4
Ehrlich was responsible for the discovery of Arsphenamine, which is as an effective cure to tackle the sexually transmitted disease called syphilis.

Fact 5
For his work in the field of immunology, Ehrlich received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or medicine in the year 1908.

Fact 6
His study of the conceptualized “magic bullet” led to the realization of monoclonal antibodies that deliver a precise binding affinity.

Fact 7
In the Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen region, there is a street named after the great scientist as early as 1910, and today there are various streets in Germany named after him.

Fact 8
Enrlich was honored on a Deutsche Mark note of the denomination 200. His face is it showcased on the front side of the note.

Fact 9
“Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet” was a 1940 movie in the United States displayed his efforts in finding an effective cure for the disease syphilis.

Fact 10
Ehrlich passed away in 1915 after a massive heart attack and the German emperor Wilhelm II amongst many mourned his death, as it was a great loss to science.

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Short about Paul Ehrlich
Was a German physicist known for his work in new sciences including chemotherapy