Ten fun facts about Tehran

Fact 1
Although Tehran was a well known village in the 9th century, the origin of its name is unknown.

Fact 2
The city of Tehran has many different styles of graffiti. Much of the art is done by governmental organizations, as well as some citizens.

Fact 3
Tehran has been the capital for about 220 years, but since the capital of Iran has been moved so many times, it is actually their 32nd national capital.

Fact 4
Muslims hold 'Jumu'ah', or Friday prayer and it is usually hosted by the University of Tehran. At this time, the entire city comes to a standstill.

Fact 5
The 'Tehran International Book Fair' is held in the city and is known as one of the most important publishing events in Asia.

Fact 6
The tallest building in Iran, is the Tehran International Tower. It is 54 stories high and the architecture is similar to Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Fact 7
Though the city has taken steps to improve pollution, as of 2006, approximately 27 people died a day from pollution related diseases.

Fact 8
Azadi Sport Complex is also located in Tehran, which is Iran's national football stadium. It is one of the biggest in the world.

Fact 9
Tehran is home to the largest military academy in Iran.

Fact 10
At least 45% of the large industrial firms are located in Tehran, as well as 30% of Iran's public-sector workers.

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Short about Tehran
The capital of Iran and the Tehran Province.