Ten fun facts about Sudan

Fact 1
Sudan comprises of a vast desert which is prone to periodic draughts and dust storms. This is even though the Nile runs right through the country from the north to the south, dominating the northern portion.

Fact 2
The climate is more tropical in the mountainous southern regions as against the northern plains, which are arid desert.

Fact 3
The nine countries that border Sudan are Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Uganda, the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Eritrea.

Fact 4
Nearly 95,000 children in southern Sudan under the age of five died in the year 2012 from diseases that could have been prevented has the proper precautions been taken.

Fact 5
The official languages spoken in the country are English and Arabic though the locals speak over a hundred different languages.

Fact 6
The ox-driven water wheel that has been in operation since 400 BC still plays a vital role in the economy of the country

Fact 7
South Sudan is predominantly Christian with a tribal government, while North Sudan is governed according to the Islamic Sharia law. 1st January, 1956 is celebrated as the National Day.

Fact 8
The adult literacy rate of Sudan is 69%. More number of girls die during childbirth or pregnancy than when trying to complete their primary school.

Fact 9
The natural resources include copper, chromium ore, petroleum, zinc, small reserves of iron ore, hydropower and mica, tungsten, silver and gold.

Fact 10
Sudan suffers from inadequate portable water supplies, which gives rise to problems such as periodic droughts, soil erosion and desertification. Due to excessive hunting, the wildlife population is threatened.

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Short about Sudan
Is the largest country on the African continent located in the northeast dominated by the Nile and its tributaries.

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