Facts on Former French colonies


Is a Caribbean country with a population of about 9 million.

10 facts about Haiti


Is an island located towards the east of the southern part of the African continent in the Indian Ocean.

10 facts about Madagascar

Burkina Faso

Is located in the heart of West Africa between the Sahara desert and the forests of the south.

10 facts about Burkina Faso


Is a landlocked country located in Western Africa, southwest of Algeria and east of Mauritania.

10 facts about Mali


Is a South-East Asian country bordered by Thailand to the west and north, Laos to the north and Vietnam to the east and faced by Gulf of Thailand in the south.

10 facts about Cambodia

Dominican Republic

Is located on the island of Hispaniola between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and is part of the Greater Antilles archipelago.

10 facts about Dominican Republic

Republic of the Congo

Is located in Central Africa in the northeast of the country of Angola.

10 facts about Republic of the Congo


Is located in central Western Africa bordered by Equatorial Guinea in the northwest, Cameroon in the north and the republic of Congo whose borders stretches from the east to the south of Gabon.

10 facts about Gabon


Is an island that is situated in the Indian Ocean to the south west of Mauritius and Madagascar to its west.

10 facts about Réunion


Is located in the “horn of Africa’ in Eastern Africa, between Somalia and Eritrea, bordering the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.

10 facts about Djibouti


Is a state in the United States and is located in the Midwestern region.

10 facts about Illinois


Is a state located in the western part of south central North America

10 facts about Louisiana


Is a state located in the eastern part of north-central US.

10 facts about Michigan


Is the 32nd largest state in the United States and is located in the south

10 facts about Mississippi


Is a state located in the Midwestern part of the United States.

10 facts about Ohio