Ten fun facts about Guinea-Bissau

Fact 1
Guinea-Bissau has 8 regions, excluding the capital and 37 sectors. Each region has a regional council with membership consisting of elected representatives from the various sectors.

Fact 2
The official name of the country is Republica da Guine-Bissau. It’s capital and largest city is Bissau.

Fact 3
The climate is hot, humid and typically tropical with rain season that lasts from mid-May to mid-November and a cooler dry season for the rest of the year. Rainy months are July to August.

Fact 4
The monetary unit is CFA France.

Fact 5
The official language is Portuguese though Crioulo and other African languages are also spoken. The people from here are known as Bissau-Guineans and not Guinea-Bissauans.

Fact 6
50% of the population is Muslims while nearly 40% practice indigenous beliefs and 10% are Christians.

Fact 7
The highest point is 300 meters above sea level and is unnamed while the lowest point is at sea level (Atlantic Ocean.)

Fact 8
Guinea-Bissau is a member if the “Economic Community of West African States,’ the ‘Latin Union’, African Union’ and the ‘South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone.’

Fact 9
The natural resources are fish, timber, bauxite, clay, granite, phosphates and even unexploited deposits of petroleum. The major trading partners are Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Senegal, Portugal, Brazil and Cuba.

Fact 10
Guinea-Bissau exports cashew nuts, fish, shrimp, peanuts, palm kernels, sawn lumber. The country imports foodstuffs, machinery and transport equipment and petroleum products.

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Short about Guinea-Bissau
Is situated between the countries of Senegal and Guinea, in the western part of the continent of Africa

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