Facts on Southern African countries


Is a country in south-central Africa bordered by Namibia on the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the north, and Zambia on the east.

10 facts about Angola

South Africa

Is a country located at the southernmost tip of Africa and officially known as the Republic of South Africa.

10 facts about South Africa


Is in the southeast coast of Africa on the Indian Ocean coastline and is known as the Republic of Mozambique

10 facts about Mozambique


Is a landlocked country in the Sub-Saharan Africa bordered by Zambia to the North West, Tanzania to the North East and Mozambique on the East, South and West.

10 facts about Malawi


Is a landlocked country located in Southern Africa, east of Angola and north of Botswana and Zimbabwe.

10 facts about Zambia


Is a landlocked country located in the southern part of Africa between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers.

10 facts about Zimbabwe


Is an enclave surrounded by the Republic of South Africa.

10 facts about Lesotho


Is located in Southern Africa and bordered on the north by Angola and Zambia, on the south by South Africa, on the east by Botswana and on the west by the Atlantic Ocean

10 facts about Namibia


Is a landlocked country located in southern Africa bordered by Namibia to the west and north, Zimbabwe to the northeast and South Africa to the south.

10 facts about Botswana


Is a small landlocked African country bordered by South Africa & Mozambique.

10 facts about Swaziland