Ten fun facts about Jersey City

Image of Jersey City

Ten fun facts about Jersey City

Image of Jersey City

1. Jersey City and Hudson County: A Short Train Ride to the Big Apple

Jersey City and Hudson County are often referred to as New York City's Sixth Borough due to their close proximity to Manhattan. Located just across the Hudson River, Jersey City is only a short train ride away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. With its convenient location, Jersey City has become a popular destination for those looking to experience the culture and energy of New York City without the high cost of living.

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2. The Lenape Legacy Lives On in Jersey City

The land that is now known as Jersey City was once home to the Lenape, a collection of Native American tribes who were later referred to as the Delaware Indians. The Lenape were a peaceful people who lived off the land, fishing, hunting, and gathering plants for food. They also built villages along the rivers and streams, and traded with other tribes. The Lenape were eventually forced out of the area by European settlers, but their legacy still lives on in the city today.

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3. Jersey City's Three Oldest Houses

The city of Jersey City is home to some of the oldest surviving houses in the United States. The Newkirk House, built in 1690, is the oldest of the three, followed by the Van Vorst Famhouse, which was constructed around 1740, and the Van Wagenen House, built in 1742. These three houses are a testament to the city's long and rich history, and are a must-see for anyone visiting Jersey City.

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4. Unique Gallery Space in Music & Fine Arts

The Five Corners Branch in Jersey City is a unique gallery space that specializes in works related to music and the fine arts. It offers a wide variety of exhibitions, from traditional paintings and sculptures to more modern installations and multimedia pieces. Visitors can explore the gallery's collection of artworks, which range from classical to contemporary, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the space. The gallery also hosts events such as lectures, workshops, and performances, making it a great place to learn about the history and culture of music and the fine arts.

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5. A Vibrant City with a Wide Variety of Newspapers

Jersey City is a vibrant city located within the bustling New York media market. Residents of Jersey City have access to a wide variety of newspapers, both in print and online, with most of them available for sale or delivery. This means that Jersey City residents can stay up to date with the latest news and events from around the world, as well as local news and events from their own city.

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6. The Showbiz Capital of the World

Jersey City is no stranger to the spotlight, having been the filming location for the 2012 reality television series Snooki & JWoww. The show, a spinoff of the popular Jersey Shore, starred Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Jennifer “JWoww” Farley living in downtown Jersey City. The two were seen exploring the city's vibrant nightlife, dining at local restaurants, and taking in the sights of the city.

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7. A City of Diversity

Jersey City is renowned for its incredible diversity, with people from all walks of life and cultures living side by side. It is one of the most racially diverse cities in the world, with over 40% of its population being foreign-born and over 100 languages spoken. This diversity has created a vibrant and unique culture, with a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and cultural events to explore. Jersey City is a great place to experience the world without leaving home.

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8. Jersey City's Coptic Community

Jersey City is home to the largest Egyptian Coptic population in the United States, with an estimated 10,000 Copts living in the city. This vibrant community is a testament to the city's diversity and cultural richness, and is a major contributor to the city's economy. The Coptic Church of St. Mark is the largest Coptic Church in the United States, and serves as a spiritual and cultural center for the Coptic community in Jersey City. The Coptic community is also active in the city's politics, and has been instrumental in advocating for the rights of immigrants and refugees.

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9. Free Library: A Gem for Jersey City

The Jersey City Free Public Library is a great resource for the community, with five regional branches located throughout the city. Each branch offers a permanent collection of books, magazines, and other media, as well as hosting exhibitions and other events. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to read, or a place to explore and learn, the Jersey City Free Public Library has something for everyone.

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10. The Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum

The Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum is located in the Miller Branch of Jersey City, New Jersey. This museum is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history and culture of African Americans in the area. It features a variety of exhibits, including artifacts, photographs, and documents that tell the story of African American life in Jersey City. The museum also offers educational programs and workshops to help visitors learn more about the history and culture of African Americans in the area.

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