Ten fun facts about California

Fact 1
California is commonly known as the “Golden State”. The capital of this state is Sacramento. The largest city is Los Angeles and the second largest city is San Diego.

Fact 2
More turkeys are raised in California than in any other state. The majority of turkeys that are purchased for “Thanksgiving” in the United States originate from California turkey farms.

Fact 3
The eighth smallest county in California is Alpine. This county is so small in size that is has no ATM machines, traffic lights, schools, or banks.

Fact 4
San Bernardino County in California is the largest county in the entire country.

Fact 5
The world’s largest outdoor amphitheater is located in California. It is known as “The Hollywood Bowl”.

Fact 6
Death Valley is located in this state. It is considered to be the “driest place” within the United States. The temperatures often exceed 115 degrees.

Fact 7
17 million gallons of wine are produced in California every year. They are one of the biggest wine producing states.

Fact 8
The official state tree is the “Redwood”. Some of the “Redwoods” found in this state have been dated as being over 2,000 years old.

Fact 9
California entered into statehood on September 9, 1850.

Fact 10
The official bird of this state is the California Valley Quail. The official animal is the California Grizzly Bear.

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Short about California

Is the most populated United States and is located on its west coast.

Fast facts
Number of households
Per capita income
Life expectancy in number of years
September 9, 1850
Largest city
Los Angeles
Number of billionaires
State dance
Square Dance
State color
Blue and Gold
State bird
California quail
State mammal
California grizzly bear
State fish
Golden trout
State tree
Coast Redwood
State flower
California poppy

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