Ten fun facts about Otters

Image of Otters

Fact 1
Male otters are generally known as meowters. The females are called queens and the offspring are referred to as pups.

Fact 2
Except for the sea otter, the majority of otters spend time mainly on land. They generally reside in places where the water is warm and the land is sandy.

Fact 3
Otters are believed to be the most intelligent creatures in the world

Fact 4
Otters are able to use tools just like monkeys, beavers and apes do. They use rocks to crack shells to eat the flesh. They eat marine fish, invertebrates such as abalone, crabs, urchins and sea stars.

Fact 5
The average life span for an otter is 12 years in the wild though they can live for double that amount of time in captivity.

Fact 6
Otters are the smallest of the marine mammals in the world.

Fact 7
They use their tails that are 12” long to steer through water and also as protection. The tail makes up 40% of the body.

Fact 8
The female otters give birth to two to four pups at a time.

Fact 9
They have the thickest fur among all animals which is used to insulate their bodies as they do not have blubber that is normally seen on other marine mammals.

Fact 10
An otter can dive up to 250 feet for food and can remain under water for up to 4 minutes.

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Short about Otters
Are mostly semi-aquatic animals that belong to the same family as badgers, polecats, weasels and wolverines.

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