Ten fun facts about Caimans

Image of Caimans

Fact 1
Caimans enjoy basking in the sun or on shore and cool off by sinking into cold water.

Fact 2
They have flat heads with sharp claws and have armor-like scales. When their mouth is closed, the teeth from the upper jaw are visible. Their color is olive-gray, brown or yellow tan with darker cross bands on body and tail.

Fact 3
Caimans are found in tropical rivers and swamps all over Cuba, Puerto Rico and the United Sates.

Fact 4
They are carnivorous predators and deal a great deal of fish. They also hunt birds, insects, small mammals and reptiles. The large caimans can easily overpower wild pigs.

Fact 5
Caimans are solitary, aquatic and aggressive/ ferocious by nature and are closely related to crocodiles and alligators

Fact 6
Females build large nests to lay their eggs. They lay from 10 to 50 eggs which hatch within 6 weeks. They teach their young to hunt and swim by shallow pools of water.

Fact 7
The incubation period of a Caiman egg is up to 115 days.

Fact 8
Caimans reach sexual maturity when they are about 5 years and they are sexually active till they are about 15 years old.

Fact 9
The smallest of the species, call dwarf Caimans are about 1.5m long while the largest of the species is the Black Caiman, which can grow from 4 – 6 cm. They can weigh about 65 pounds.

Fact 10
Caimans live up to 30 – 40 years though some even live up to 60 years.

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Short about Caimans
Are large aquatic reptiles commonly referred as the Spectacled Caiman as the ridges above their eyes appear as if they wear sunglasses.

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