Ten fun facts about Crocodiles

Image of Crocodiles

Fact 1
A crocodile can grow to a length of 18 feet.

Fact 2
Crocodiles generally keep their mouths open to cool down when in a relaxing pose and not to denote aggression. They sweat through their mouth.

Fact 3
Their new teeth grow to replace old teeth. They have 24 teeth that do not chew but grasp and lock. Swallow stones to grind food that is in the stomach.

Fact 4
Their tongues have salt glands that excrete salt making them tolerant to sea water.

Fact 5
The membrane behind their retina, which is referred to as ‘tapetum’ reflects the light. Their eyes shine like red dots at night.

Fact 6
Crocodile use their tails to swim 40 km per hour and can stay for 2 to 3 hours underwater.

Fact 7
A crocodile can live up to 80 years.

Fact 8
Crocodile become very aggressive during the mating season. The gestation period is 80 days. These reptiles produce from 20 up to 80 eggs in particular seasons. The incubation period is generally about 3 months.

Fact 9
The skin of a crocodile is very soft and fine. Some tribes regard the skin of as a symbol of high status.

Fact 10
Crocodiles wipe their eyes when feeding. This is because their eyes start frothing and bubbling when they are eating. However, they are definitely not sad when feeding. This gave rise to the popular saying “crocodile tears”, which refers to a person who is pretending to be crying even though they are not sad.

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Short about Crocodiles
Are voracious reptiles that are aquatic by nature and belong to the genus Crocodilus meaning “lizards.”