Ten fun facts about Wombats

Fact 1
The fur of wombats can be silver gray, sandy or black. They have big forepaws and strong claws to facilitate burrowing. They can run short distances at 25 mph.

Fact 2
They weigh from 15 to 36 kg and are 28 – 47 inches tall. They can live beyond 50 years

Fact 3
Wombats live in woodlands, grasslands and in burrows which can be 20 ft in length. Their backsides have extra thick skin to protect them from attacks to their rear when they try to hide in burrows.

Fact 4
The collective name for a group of wombats is a Mob or Colony.

Fact 5
The pouch of the wombat faces backwards. This helps to protect their young ones from dirt while mothers forage food and dig burrows.

Fact 6
The Northern hairy-nosed wombat is one of the rarest animals in the world. Their nose is covered with fur and appears hairy.

Fact 7
Wombats use their strong claws and teeth to attack humans and tear roots and tough grasses.

Fact 8
Wombats are nocturnal marsupials with slow metabolisms. They feed on sedges and grasses. They sleep on their sides and end up on their back with four feet sticking in the air.

Fact 9
Young ones of wombats are called joeys. They weigh only a gram when they are born.

Fact 10
They use their cube shaped dropping or ‘scat’ to mark their territory atop logs and rocks.

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Short about Wombats

Are muscular burrowing marsupials with a short tail, backward facing pouch and four short legs.

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