Ten fun facts about Seals

Fact 1
An adult seal can weigh from about130 lbs to more than 8,000 lbs depending on the species.

Fact 2
There are 32 known species of seals. The largest is the southern elephant seal which grow to 13 feet in length and the smallest is the Galapagos that grow to 4 feet in length.

Fact 3
Seals are found throughout the world from Polar Regions to tropical waters.

Fact 4
They do not have tear ducts. Seals look like they are crying when observed on land.

Fact 5
They have a layer of blubber under the skin that acts as insulators against the cold.

Fact 6
All seals have internal ears. Their body tapers from the chest towards a very short tail. The digits of the hands and feet are webbed and resemble paddles. These flippers help them steer and maneuver in water.

Fact 7
Seals are hunted for their fur, skins and their oil.

Fact 8
They come on shore to breed. They give birth to pups. Males are called Bull while females are called Cow.

Fact 9
Seals eat fish, squid and meat and considered carnivores. They detect their prey though vibration by their whiskers.

Fact 10
They have more blood, per weight, than most other mammals. They are supplied with enough oxygen to help them to dive 1,000 feet in the ocean to find food.

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Short about Seals

Are warm-blooded marine mammals with round eyes and long whiskers around the mouth.

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