Ten fun facts about Flamingos

Fact 1
The name ‘Flamingo’ was derived from a Latin and Spanish word “flamenco” meaning ‘fire”, which the bird was given because of its unusual coloration.

Fact 2
The pink, red or orange color of their feathers is caused by carotenoids pigments in their food. Their diet includes shrimp, plankton, crustaceans and algae.

Fact 3
The eyes of flamingos are larger than their brains. An adult bird weighs about 1.4.4 kg and its length can range from 3.3 feet to 4.6 feet. Their top speed can be as high as 35 mph.

Fact 4
Flamingoes are strong swimmers and powerful fliers even though they are seen mostly wading.

Fact 5
They live in lagoons, swamps and lakes and hold their bills upside down while feeding for several hours a day. This helps to filter out food while skimming the water.

Fact 6
Flamingos are monogamous birds that lay one egg every year. Females feed their offspring “crop milk” which is a dark red high-fat, high-protein liquid secreted from their upper digestive tracts.

Fact 7
The legs of adult flamingos can be 30 to 50 inches long which is longer their entire body.

Fact 8
Flamingos are gregarious birds and do well in large flocks that can be up to million or more. A flock of flamingos is called a flamboyance or stand.

Fact 9
Their lifespan is from 20 to 30 years though they can live up to 50 years in captivity.

Fact 10
Flamingos are noisy birds that grunt, grow and honk to vocalize and communicate with their young ones or chicks.

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Short about Flamingos
Are pink to scarlet colored, web-footed wading birds with down-bent bills.

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