Ten fun facts about Argentina

Fact 1:
Based on land mass Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world.

Fact 2:
Argentina is one of the founding members of the United Nations among other world centers and resources such as the World Trade Organization and the World Bank Group.

Fact 3:
In Latin America they are the third largest stimulator of the economy.

Fact 4:
In Latin, Argentina means “silver.” Settlers believed that the country was filled with silver, but unfortunately it wasn’t.

Fact 5:
Manufacturing is the largest stimulator of the economy in Argentina. This includes food processing and auto-making.

Fact 6:
In sciences Argentina has received three Nobel Prizes. These have been based on actions that have led to the successful treatment of heart disease. Another is based on the treatment of several varieties of cancer.

Fact 7:
Forty seven universities are located within Argentina.

Fact 8:
Public transportation is used more by the people of Argentina than automobiles.

Fact 9:
Based on an extensive healthcare system the life expectancy rate in Argentina is upwards of 76 years of age.

Fact 10:
“Wine tourism” is one of the main drawing attractions to Argentina. It accounts for 70% of wine production in the country.

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Is a country in South America.

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