Ten fun facts about Rochester

Image of Rochester

Ten fun facts about Rochester

Image of Rochester

1. America's Only Antique Carousel - Rochester's Ontario Beach Park

Rochester's Ontario Beach Park is home to America's only antique carousel, the Dentzel menagerie carousel. This carousel was the first of its model to be manufactured and has been in its original location since it was built over a century ago. It is a unique and beloved attraction, providing a nostalgic experience for visitors of all ages.

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2. Buffalo Bill Cody's Legacy Lives On in Rochester

In the 1800's, the city of Rochester was home to the legendary Buffalo Bill Cody. Not only did he live here, but three of his children were laid to rest at the Mt Hope Cemetery, a testament to the lasting legacy of the Wild West icon.

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3. Theda Bara: Rochester's Iconic "Vamp"

In the early 1900's, the city of Rochester was home to Theda Bara, the iconic "vamp" of silent movies. Bara attended high school in Rochester, and her career in the film industry began shortly after she graduated. She quickly rose to fame, becoming one of the most popular actresses of the silent era. Her films were known for their dark and mysterious themes, and she was often cast as a femme fatale. Bara's legacy lives on today, and she is remembered as one of the most iconic figures of the silent movie era.

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4. Rochester in the 1920s: A hub for film stars

In the 1920s, Rochester was a bustling hub for film stars. Mickey Rooney launched his career in the city, while Bette Davis was fired from a theatre stock group. Bud Abbott, who would later be paired with Lou Costello, was the manager of a theatre in Rochester before his rise to fame. It was truly a "happening" place for the stars of the silver screen.

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5. The Birth of America's First Thermometers

In 1851, Rochester, New York was the birthplace of America's first thermometers, created by David Kendall and George Taylor. The two inventors worked together to develop the thermometers, which were designed to measure temperature accurately and reliably. The thermometers were a major breakthrough in the field of science and technology, and their invention has had a lasting impact on the way we measure temperature today.

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6. The Impact of Hiram Sibley on the Modern World

Hiram Sibley, a Rochesterian, made a lasting impact on the world when he founded the Western Union in 1857. His vision of a telegraph network that could span the entire United States revolutionized communication and helped to shape the modern world. The Western Union has since become a global leader in money transfer services, providing a secure and reliable way for people to send and receive money around the world.

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7. The Invention of the Cutler Mail Chute

In 1889, James Cutler revolutionized the way mail was delivered with the invention of the Cutler Mail Chute. This innovative device was first used in a skyscraper designed by Cutler himself, revolutionizing the way mail was delivered in tall buildings. The mail chute was a simple yet effective way to quickly and efficiently deliver mail to the floors of the building, and it quickly became a staple of many skyscrapers.

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8. The History of Gold Teeth

In 1843, Dr J.B Beers, a dentist in Rochester, made history by becoming the first person in the United States to develop and use a gold tooth. This revolutionary dental procedure was a major breakthrough in the field of dentistry, and it was made possible by Dr Beers' expertise and dedication to his craft. The gold tooth was a symbol of luxury and status, and it quickly became a popular choice for those looking to improve their smiles. Rochester was the birthplace of this revolutionary dental procedure, and it continues to be a leader in the field of dentistry today.

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9. Rochester, New York, birthplace of the dental chair

Rochester, New York, is home to a significant piece of dental history: in 1887, the first dental chair was designed here by Frank Ritter. Ritter's chair was revolutionary for its time, featuring a reclining backrest and adjustable headrest, as well as a foot-operated pump to raise and lower the chair. This invention revolutionized the dental industry, making it easier for dentists to perform their work and for patients to receive treatment in a comfortable position. To this day, Ritter's design remains the standard for dental chairs around the world.

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10. Rochester's Famous Mustard

In 1904, the R.T. French Company made history when they became the first company to commercially manufacture mustard in Rochester, New York. This momentous event marked the beginning of a long-standing tradition of Rochester being a major producer of mustard, with the R.T. French Company still producing their famous mustard today.

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Situated just south of Lake Ontario, it is a city in Monroe County, New York.