Ten fun facts about Microsoft

Fact 1
IBM is second-largest technology company in the world and will be celebrating its 100th birthday on June 2013.

Fact 2
It was originally called the Tabulating Machine Company when it was founded by Herman Hollerith in 1896. It was only when Thomas Watson took over the company that it came to be known as IBM.

Fact 3
The company is also popularly known as “Big Blue” and the origin of this nickname is still a mystery. Many believe that it’s the logo color and its global order that are the reason for it.

Fact 4
IBM computers manned by IBM personnel helped NASA with the first human-landing on the moon.

Fact 5
In 1997, the chess computer “Deep Blue” defeated Gary Kasparov the world chess champion in a six game match that was closely watched by people across the globe.

Fact 6
In the early part of 2013, “Watson” the IBM computer easily defeated two human “Jeopardy” game show champions and once again, proved the prowess of artificial intelligence.

Fact 7
IBM became the first company ever in 2008, to earn over 4,000 U.S patents in a matter of one year and is the world’s largest company with its revenue taken into account.

Fact 8
The company is credited with inventing the first ever continuous blood separator which is used in the treatment of leukemia.

Fact 9
The company’s original logo was designed in 1924 when its name was changed to IBM. The current day logo was created only in 1972 by a graphic designer named Paul Rand and is meant to represent the innovation and expertise of the company.

Fact 10
The company’s slogan “Think” was created in 1914 by Thomas. J Watson. The Apple campaign which was called “Think different” was considered to have taken off from the IBM one.

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Is an American multinational company based in Armonk, New York.