Ten fun facts about Cisco

Fact 1
Cisco Systems was established in 1984 by Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, two computer support employees at Stanford University. They later married and when Sandy was fired in August 1990, Leonard protested by resigning from the company. Their walkout bonus- a cool $170 million.

Fact 2
Cisco gets its interesting and catchy name from its city of operations and inception, San Francisco.

Fact 3
Cisco went public in 1990, specifically on February 16th after its incorporation in Dec, 1984.

Fact 4
March, 2000 saw Cisco with a $500 billion market cap; it was one of the most valuable corporations at that time and continues to grow.

Fact 5
As of 2013, with a market cap just under $95 billion, Cisco functions as an extremely valuable conglomerate.

Fact 6
Come 2013, Cisco rebranded its ad campaign with two aggressive new prmotions, the ‘Internet of Everything’ and the ‘Tomorrow Starts Here’.

Fact 7
In the Fortune ‘100 Best Companies to work for’ list, over the years Cisco has usually hovered within the top twenty places.

Fact 8
Currently Cisco addresses the needs of the corporate market, small businesses as well as home users.

Fact 9
Other aspects that Cisco is currently concentrating on include a huge base of software and hardware solutions for the everyday consumer.

Fact 10
Cisco has succeeded as its management at all times chose the right kind of companies to be acquired at the right time.

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Short about Cisco
Is a global company that deals with the designing, production and sale of equipment required for networking purposes.