Ten fun facts about Symantec

Fact 1
Symantec was founded by Gary Hendrix in the year 1982 and the primary aim of the company was to work on Artificial Intelligence-based assignments.

Fact 2
The company has its headquarters in Mountain View, California and is a highly successful Fortune 500 corporation as well.

Fact 3
Over the years, the company has been successful in acquiring more than 65 companies with revenue of around $6.2 billion the year before.

Fact 4
Symantec has more than 17, 500 employees working in more than 40 nations worldwide.

Fact 5
Q&A is regarded as Symantec’s first big product and it was a package for data management, specifically for English language based commands.

Fact 6
Credit for Symantec’s success goes to tools meant for development purposes like THINK Pascal, Visual Café, Symantec C++ and Think C. Symantec’s segment of Turner Hall Publishing that created specific task related apps like Note-It greatly aided the company to grow further too.

Fact 7
BullGuard, McAfee, Avira, Kaspersky and Trend Micro are Symantec’s main competition in the antivirus industry.

Fact 8
Today, Symantec is the market leader in a total of seven segments of consumer and enterprise security related avenues.

Fact 9
Other segments like storage as well as availability have also been tapped by Symantec.

Fact 10
In a report, Symantec was of the opinion that cyber-attacks may annually cost bigger companies and enterprises more than $3 million.

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Short about Symantec
Is a corporation that focuses on computer security software and provides its security software solutions to the world.