Ten fun facts about Samsung Electronics

Fact 1
Starting from 2006, Samsung has remained the largest television manufacturer in the world and it also is the world’s largest manufacturer of LCD panels.

Fact 2
In Korean the word Samsung means “three stars”. The founder of the Samsung Group wanted to indicate that the company was big, powerful and numerous ( Samsung electronics is a subsidiary of the Samsung Group). The stars also stood for eternity.

Fact 3
Since 1993, Samsung Electronics has been the largest producer of memory chips in the world.

Fact 4
The company became the world’s largest smartphone maker in 2011.

Fact 5
Lee Byung Chull founded Samsung in 1938 as a trading company that dealt in local groceries and had 40 employees. At that point of time it used to produce noodles as well. It was only in the late 1960’s that the group ventured into electronics and eventually formed Samsung Electronics.

Fact 6
The first ever mobile device launched by Samsung Electronics was the 1986- manufactured car phone. Its manufacture had to be discontinued due to bad reception and poor sales.

Fact 7
The world’s first 3-D home theatre was launched by the company in 2010.

Fact 8
In 2010, Samsung Electronics launched the first Bada platform-based smartphone.

Fact 9
The world’s first Full HD 3D LED TV was launched by Samsung in 2010.

Fact 10
The flexible AMOLED panel that was developed by Samsung for mobile phones has WVGA resolution that is four times clearer than the traditional displays.

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Short about Samsung Electronics
Is a multinational electronics company with headquarters in Suwon, South Korea.