Ten fun facts about Oracle

Fact 1
Oracle is adept at database management systems and today is third biggest software creator on the planet.

Fact 2
The company’s headquarters are located in Redwood City, California with Jeff Henley as the Chairman and Larry Ellison as the Chief Executive Officer.

Fact 3
Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle is deemed as world’s most highly paid chief executive officer.

Fact 4
Oracle made the successful acquisition of Sun Microsystems in the year 2010. The deal was for around $7 billion, making Oracle a software as well as hardware company.

Fact 5
Popular Oracle slogans include ‘Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together’ and ‘The Information Company’.

Fact 6
The company’s main competitors and rivals are IBM and Microsoft.

Fact 7
Oracle is known to be a sponsor to the golden State Warriors and this is a ten year long deal. The Oakland Arena is to be renamed as the Oracle Arena as part of it.

Fact 8
Oracle released 10g Express Edition (XE) in the year 2005 which was its first completely free database.

Fact 9
Oracle was successful in the beginning of its career itself as it made use of the C programming language with its products.

Fact 10
Today it is known as the Oracle Corporation, and in 1995 before the name change it was called the Oracle Systems Corporation.

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Short about Oracle
Is a US based computer tech corporation that develops computer hardware as well as software for enterprises.