Ten fun facts about Adobe Systems

Fact 1
Adobe Systems is headquartered in San Jose, California and has recently starting looking into the development of rich internet app software.

Fact 2
Charles Geschke and John Warnock created the company in the year 1982. They named their company Adobe Systems after the Adobe Creek in Los Altos.

Fact 3
Adobe Systems successfully acquired Macromedia in 2005, which is one of its main contenders. This helped the company extend its product range with newer software and platforms.

Fact 4
As of 2013, Adobe Systems has around 10, 000 employees working for it over the world but a little less than half of them have their base at the San Jose headquarters.

Fact 5
The logo for Adobe’s corporate operations and public image was created by John Warnock’s wife Marva. John Warnock was one of the founding members of the company.

Fact 6
Adobe’s prize product which is the Photoshop rolled out into the market in 1989 on the Mac and it soon was the market leader in its specific segment, becoming one of the most used images editing software, even till this day.

Fact 7
Adobe Acrobat Reader was made available to the general public in 1993 and so was the PDF format, which has now become a global standard.

Fact 8
2007 saw the introduction of the Adovbe Photoshop Lightroom, designed with the specific purpose of aiding photographers, especially with work related to image post production.

Fact 9
Several reputed publications such as Fortune have rated Adobe as a great establishment to be a part of and work since almost two decades.

Fact 10
Since 2011 Adobe has stopped work on Flash and started focusing on HTML 5 instead.

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Short about Adobe Systems
Is a US based multinational software corporation that focuses on creating multimedia and creativity related software products.