Ten fun facts about Google

Fact 1
Apart from just being a search engine giant, Google forays into other internet based products and services like cloud computing, online ads and software creations.

Fact 2
The company has its headquarters as the Googleplex in Mountain View, California and is the creation of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Fact 3
‘Don’t be evil’ has long been Google’s unofficial motto.

Fact 4
Originally planned as a search engine platform, Google has now branched into various fields by means of creating new products, careful acquisitions and creating lasting partnerships due to its immense success.

Fact 5
Google greatly assists the development of the Android Mobile OS and has created its very own netbook – the Chromebook.

Fact 6
Motorola Mobility was acquired by Google in 2012 and there have been many other communication hardware based partnerships.

Fact 7
The company has seen rapid growth in recent years. Alexa reported that Google is the most visited site globally in December, 2012. Google made around 10% of its revenue in 2011 from advertising based programs.

Fact 8
PageRank was the technology created by Google’s founders and it was a complete departure from normal search engines back then.

Fact 9
The name Google comes from the misspelling of ‘googol’ which is one followed by a hundred zeros, signifying the estimated size of the operations.

Fact 10
Google launched the ‘Legalize Love’ campaign in 2012 to support gay rights and donated a million Euros for the running of the next five International Mathematics Olympiads.

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Short about Google
Is a search engine giant operating from the United States that has become the standard search engine for most of the internet-using world