Facts on Mobile phone manufacturers

Apple inc.

Apple is a US computer- and home electronics company founded in 1932.

10 facts about Apple inc.


Is an American multinational company based in Armonk, New York.

10 facts about Microsoft


Is an American semiconductor chip maker that is a leader in its product segment and serves the planet with its technological products

10 facts about Intel


Is a search engine giant operating from the United States that has become the standard search engine for most of the internet-using world

10 facts about Google


Is an electronic commerce and trade company based in America that caters to the demands of the world, retailing varied products and services across different categories.

10 facts about Amazon


Is a multinational electronics giant from Japan that offers its electronic products to the rest of the world.

10 facts about Panasonic


Is a multinational American computer technology company that is headquartered in Round Rock, Texas.

10 facts about Dell


Is an informational technology giant from the nation of Japan, providing expert IT services to the planet.

10 facts about Fujitsu