Ten fun facts about Switzerland

Ten fun facts about Switzerland

1. A Unique Country with Four National Languages

Switzerland is a unique country with four national languages: French, Italian, German, and Romansch. The latter is particularly interesting, as it has Latin roots, making it the only language in the country with such a heritage. This is a testament to the country's rich cultural history, and its commitment to preserving its linguistic diversity.

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2. Andreas Pavel's invention changed the way people experienced music

In 1972, Andreas Pavel revolutionized the way people listened to music when he tested the first ever portable personal cassette player, the "Walkman", in the woods of St Moritz, Switzerland. This invention allowed people to take their music with them wherever they went, and it quickly became a popular device all over the world. Pavel's invention changed the way people experienced music, and it is still remembered fondly today.

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3. The Clock Face of Zurich's Church is an Impressive Sight to Behold

The clock face of Zurich's Church of Zurich is an impressive sight to behold, as it is the largest in Europe, even larger than the iconic Big Ben in London. Measuring 8.7 meters in diameter, the clock face is a symbol of the city and a popular tourist attraction. It is made of cast iron and is decorated with intricate carvings of the four evangelists, the twelve apostles, and the four cardinal virtues. The clock is also equipped with a mechanism that chimes every 15 minutes, making it a beloved part of the city's culture.

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4. MIGROS, Switzerland's beloved grocery chain, expands to Turkey

MIGROS, Switzerland's beloved grocery chain, has a long history that extends beyond its home country. Founded in 1954, it is now the largest grocery chain in Turkey, a testament to its success and popularity. With its roots in both Switzerland and Turkey, MIGROS has become a beloved staple in both countries, providing customers with quality products and services.

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5. Most Drinking Fountains: Zurich Boasts 1,200

The Swiss city of Zurich is renowned for its abundance of drinking-water fountains, boasting an impressive 1,200 of them. These fountains provide crystal clear, fresh drinking-water to locals and visitors alike, making it the city with the most drinking-water fountains in the world. With such an impressive number of fountains, it's no wonder that Switzerland is known for its high-quality drinking-water.

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6. Switzerland's Unique Mail Service

In Switzerland, almost every home has a mailbox that is identical in design. It features a locked top-slot and an unlocked package section in the lower half. This is in stark contrast to the mail service in America, where mail is picked up from the mailbox for delivery. Instead, in Switzerland, the mail is delivered directly to the mailbox, making it a secure and convenient way to receive mail.

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7. Queen & Mercury Love Statue Unveiled

Queen and Mercury had a deep affinity for Switzerland, so much so that they eventually purchased a recording studio on the banks of Lake Geneva, just outside of Montreux. As a testament to their love for the country, a statue of Freddie Mercury now stands proudly on the shore of the lake, a reminder of the band's lasting legacy.

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8. Shop in Deposit 1/2 Franc!

When you go grocery shopping in Switzerland, you'll find that you need to deposit a 1/2 Franc coin in a slot at the top of the cart in order to release the chain that the cart is attached to. This is a common practice in the country, and you'll be refunded the amount once you return the cart to its designated place. So, don't forget to bring some coins with you when you go grocery shopping in Switzerland!

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9. Swiss Beauty & Hydro Power

Switzerland is a country of stunning natural beauty, with over 1,500 lakes scattered across its landscape. You are never more than 10 miles away from one of these lakes, making them easily accessible for swimming, fishing, and other recreational activities. This abundance of water also makes Switzerland an ideal location for hydroelectric power, with around 60% of the country's electricity coming from this renewable source.

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10. Switzerland Requires Bicycle Liability Insurance

In Switzerland, it is a legal requirement to have a liability insurance sticker if you wish to ride a bicycle on any public road. This is to ensure that cyclists are covered in the event of an accident, and to protect them from any financial losses that may occur. The sticker must be clearly visible on the bicycle, and failure to have one can result in a fine.

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