Ten fun facts about Alain Delon

Ten fun facts about Alain Delon

1. French TV show "Les Guignols De l'info" creates puppet of Alain Delon

The French television show “Les Guignols De l’info” created a puppet that was designed to look just like the iconic French actor Alain Delon in order to attract viewers. The puppet was an exact replica of Delon, from his signature hairstyle to his signature style of dress. The show was so successful that it became a staple of French television, and Delon's popularity only increased as a result. His influence on French culture is undeniable, and the puppet was a testament to his lasting impact.

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2. Alain Delon, restaurateur, opens restaurant in Nice

Alain Delon is not only an acclaimed actor, but also a restaurateur. His restaurant, "Camargue", is located in the beautiful city of Nice, France. The eatery offers a variety of traditional French dishes, as well as some of Delon's own creations. With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and its exquisite cuisine, "Camargue" is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal and experience the unique atmosphere of Nice.

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3. Dual Citizen of France & Switzerland

Alain Delon, the French actor, director, and businessman, is a dual citizen of both France and Switzerland. Born in France, he acquired Swiss citizenship in September 1999, making him one of the few people to hold dual citizenship in both countries. Delon has been a prominent figure in the French film industry since the 1950s, and his Swiss citizenship has allowed him to expand his business interests in both countries.

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4. 14-Year-Old Alain Delon Sets His Sights on a Career in Butchery

At the tender age of 14, Alain Delon had already set his sights on a career in butchery. His stepfather, a butcher himself, took him under his wing and taught him the trade. Delon worked in his stepfather's butcher shop, learning the ins and outs of the profession and honing his skills. Little did he know that his future would take a different path, and that he would eventually become one of the most iconic actors of his generation.

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5. from Butchery to Navy

After three years of working in a butchery, Alain Delon decided to pursue a different career path and joined the French Navy. He served in the Navy for two years, during which time he gained valuable experience and knowledge that would later prove to be invaluable in his acting career. Delon's time in the Navy also gave him the opportunity to travel and explore the world, which further broadened his horizons and helped him to develop a unique perspective on life.

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6. Alain Delon Receives Cesar Award

Alain Delon was honored with the prestigious Cesar award for his performance in the movie “Notre Histoire”, the French equivalent of the Oscars. This award is a testament to his immense talent and dedication to the craft, and is a recognition of his outstanding contribution to the world of cinema.

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7. A Fashion and Lifestyle Leader

Alain Delon is a French actor and businessman who has built an impressive brand for himself. His product line includes a variety of items, such as perfumes, clothing, eyewear, and even a signature champagne. His perfumes are renowned for their unique scents, while his clothing line is known for its stylish and timeless designs. His eyewear is crafted with the highest quality materials, and his champagne is a luxurious treat for any special occasion. With such an extensive line of products, Alain Delon has established himself as a leader in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

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8. son inspires him to take on Zorro role

Alain Delon starred in the 1975 film "Zorro" after being encouraged to do so by his only child at the time. Delon was initially hesitant to take on the role, but his son's enthusiasm for the project ultimately convinced him to accept the part. This was a special moment for Delon, as it was the first time his son had seen him in a movie and it was a great opportunity for them to bond.

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9. The Iconic French Actor and His Immortalized Songs

The iconic French actor Alain Delon has been immortalized in song by numerous bands, including Baustelle, The Margarets, and White Town. Each of these bands have written songs with his name in the title, paying homage to the actor's long and successful career. Delon has been a major influence in the film industry since the 1950s, and his legacy continues to live on in the music of these bands.

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10. Alain Delon on the cover of The Queen is Dead

The iconic French actor Alain Delon graces the cover of the classic 1986 album "The Queen is Dead" by the English rock band The Smiths. His image, a black and white portrait of Delon in a tuxedo, has become an iconic representation of the album, and has been featured in various publications and exhibitions.

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