Ten fun facts about Lino Ventura

Ten fun facts about Lino Ventura

1. Legendary French Actor

Born in Parma, Italy, Angiolino Giuseppe Pasquale Ventura, better known as Lino Ventura, was a renowned actor who made a name for himself in the French film industry. He was born in the city of Parma, located in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, and was the son of a carpenter. Ventura's career began in the 1950s, and he went on to star in over 100 films, including some of the most iconic French films of the 20th century. He was also a successful stage actor, appearing in numerous plays throughout his career.

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2. 8-Year-Old Lino Ventura Quits School to Pursue Acting

At the tender age of eight, Lino Ventura had already made the difficult decision to drop out of school and pursue a life of hard work. He took on a variety of jobs, from working in a factory to being a boxer, in order to make ends meet. Despite the challenges he faced, Ventura never gave up and eventually became a successful actor, appearing in over 100 films throughout his career.

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3. Italian Actor Few Films in Native Language

Despite being Italian, Lino Ventura only made a few films in his native language, such as The Last Judgement (Il giudizio universale, 1961), Illustrious Corpses (Cadaveri eccellenti, 1976) and Cento Giorni a Palermo (1983). Interestingly, these films were usually dubbed into Italian from the original French release, meaning that Italian audiences were used to hearing Ventura's voice in a different language.

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4. A Promising Career Cut Short

Lino Ventura had a promising career in prizefighting and professional wrestling, but it was cut short due to an unfortunate injury. Ventura had trained extensively for the sport, but a torn ligament in his shoulder forced him to abandon his dreams of becoming a champion. Despite the setback, Ventura went on to become a successful actor, appearing in over 100 films and television shows.

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5. From Gangster to Film Star

In 1953, Lino Ventura's life changed forever when one of his friends mentioned him to Jacques Becker, the director of the gangster movie Touchez pas au grisbi. This chance encounter led to Ventura being cast opposite the legendary French actor Jean Gabin, and marked the beginning of his successful career in film. Ventura's performance in the movie was praised by critics, and he went on to star in over 100 films throughout his lifetime.

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6. From Reject to Icon

When French director Claude Becker offered Lino Ventura the role of Angelo in his movie, Ventura initially refused. However, after some consideration, he accepted the part and his performance was so powerful that it made a huge impact on the film industry. His presence in the movie was so remarkable that it was noticed by everyone in the profession.

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7. Lino Ventura, French Cinema Icon, Dies at 91

Lino Ventura was a beloved figure in French cinema, with a career spanning over four decades. His popularity was unparalleled, with his films being seen by millions of people across the country. He was known for his strong, stoic characters, often playing the role of a tough, no-nonsense hero. His performances were highly praised, and he was awarded the prestigious Legion of Honor in 1975 for his contribution to French cinema. He was a true icon of French cinema, and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

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8. French Actor, No Accent!

Lino Ventura was a French actor who was renowned for his ability to speak the language without any accent, even in the early stages of his career. His mastery of the language was so impressive that many people believed he had a Parisian accent, despite the fact that he was born and raised in Parma, Italy. His fluency in French was a major factor in his success as an actor, and he was able to use it to his advantage in many of his roles.

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9. French Actor Known for Hard-Boiled Gangster Roles

Lino Ventura was a French actor who was well-known for his hard-boiled gangster roles. He often starred alongside his friend, the legendary actor Jean Gabin, in a variety of films. Ventura's career began to take off in the 1950s, when he began appearing in a number of gangster movies. His performances were praised for their realism and intensity, and he quickly became a popular figure in French cinema. Ventura and Gabin's on-screen chemistry was often praised, and the two actors became close friends off-screen as well.

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10. " Actor & Philanthropist"

Lino Ventura, a renowned actor, was deeply affected by his daughter's handicap and in 1966, he established the charitable foundation, Perce-Neige (Snowdrop), to support those with similar disabilities. The foundation has since provided invaluable assistance to countless individuals, providing them with the resources and support they need to lead fulfilling lives. Ventura's commitment to helping those with disabilities has been an inspiration to many, and his legacy of compassion and kindness will continue to live on.

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