Ten fun facts about Marion Cotillard

Fact 1
It is like acting was in her blood. Her father Jean-Claude was an actor and a teacher and her mother Niseema Theillaud, was an actress as well. Theillaud also taught drama.

Fact 2
She started acting at the age of 16 in the TV show “Highlander”. She began working in films only five years later in a very successful French film named “Taxi”. Five more years before Hollywood got to see her talent.

Fact 3
Cotillard was almost unknown to most Americans until she won an Oscar for Best Actress in La Vie en Rose, the French film. Sophia Loren is the only other actor to win an Oscar for a film in a different language.

Fact 4
She is the second French woman to bag the Best Actress Oscar. Simone Signoret was the first. She won it in 1960.

Fact 5
She always believed that she would be a singer and that she became an actress by fluke.

Fact 6
She sung as well as she acted. She performed as well as co-wrote the song “La Fille De Joie” for the film “Les Jolies Choses", in which she played the lead role.

Fact 7
Marion is also a talented singer and often sings under the name "Simone" with musician Yodelice. As a matter-of-fact, she performed at the Olympia with the rock band, Yodelice, where Edith Piaf once used to perform.

Fact 8
She is a woman of substance. Cotillard is a spokeswoman for Greenpeace.

Fact 9
Marion always lends her name to causes that she strongly believes in. She was one of the first artists to be involved in the album project to raise money for an environmental activist group.

Fact 10
She learnt how to sing in one month for her role as Marie in the 2001 film, “Les Jolies Choses",

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Short about Marion Cotillard
Is a French actress who also acts in Hollywood films.