Ten fun facts about Susan Sarandon

Fact 1
Susan was the eldest of nine children, born to Phillip and Lenora.

Fact 2
She attended High School in New Jersey. During that period she was arrested several times for protesting against the Vietnam War. She also fought for Civil Rights.

Fact 3
Sarandon got her first role pretty much by accident. She tagged along with her Chris, her husband for a 1970 film, ”Joe”. Chris didn’t make it to the film but Susan landed the part of “Susan Compton” in the movie.

Fact 4
In 1988, she acted in “Bull Durham” with co-stars Tim Robbins and Kevin Costner. At the age of forty-two, this movie gave her a strong foundation in Hollywood.

Fact 5
Susan has always been a risk-taker and very experimental with the films she acted in. In “Atlantic City”, she bathed her bare torso, in front of an open window, with lemons.

Fact 6
Her performance in the 1980 film, “Atlantic City” brought her widespread acclaim. She ended up receiving the Best Actress Academy Award nomination for it. It was her first Academy nomination.

Fact 7
In 1995, Susan earned a whopping 5 million dollars for her role in “The Client”. It was actually a very massive amount at that point of time”.

Fact 8
In 1996, Susan won her first academy award for “Dead Man Walking”. She played a nun in the film.

Fact 9
She is a renowned political activist. In 2000, Sarandon was responsible to getting the conservative Dr Laura Schlessinger’s show, off television. Under Susan’s protests the show was taken off air in under one year.

Fact 10
Never one to conform, even in her acting, Susan Sarandon always looks for diversity. She has played a journalist, a prisoner of war, a medical researcher, a music teacher, a college professor, a waitress, an attorney, a linguist, a mother and a wife.

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Is a very talented, award-winning American actress.