Facts on Actresses from New Jersey

Meryl Streep

Is a highly acclaimed American film actress known for her phenomenal performances in movies and on Broadway

10 facts about Meryl Streep

Elisabeth Shue

Is a popular award winning, American actress.

10 facts about Elisabeth Shue

Kirsten Dunst

Is a German-American actress and singer and is also a very busy model.

10 facts about Kirsten Dunst

Susan Sarandon

Is a very talented, award-winning American actress.

10 facts about Susan Sarandon

Whoopi Goldberg

Is a multi-talented American actress, comedienne, singer-songwriter, author, political activist and talk show

10 facts about Whoopi Goldberg

Vera Farmiga

Is a talented actress who is best known for her role in the movie ‘Up in the Air’.

10 facts about Vera Farmiga