Ten fun facts about Eritrea

Fact 1
Eritrea has no official national language. Tigrinya is the most largely-spoken language here.

Fact 2
The Denakil Depression is the lowest point in the country and is considered to be one of the world’s hottest places.

Fact 3
Eritrea capital city Asmara is also called the "Italy's African City" or "New Rome". This, due to the distinctive Italian touch it exudes.

Fact 4
The port city of Adulis is one of Africa’s most ancient cities. The Greeks founded it in 600.

Fact 5
It is believed that the Kingdom of Axum (Aksum), located in southern Eritrea was founded by King Solomon’s son and the Queen of Sheba.

Fact 6
One of the world’s oldest human fossils was excavated here and many experts believe this country to be the cradle of the earth.

Fact 7
It is very common to see adults and children eating separately in the highland of Eritrea. However, as you descend into the plains, the customs change and the entire family sits down to a meal together.

Fact 8
This is probably one of the very few countries in the world that has only one political party- People's Front for Democracy and Justice.

Fact 9
Over the years, this is one country in the world where elections have been regularly scheduled and cancelled but none have actually ever been held.

Fact 10
It is the world’s first country to allocate an entire coastline as a reserve. The Dahlak group of islands is world-renowned for their pearl production and are largely uninhabited.

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Is a country located in the “Horn” of Africa

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