Ten fun facts about Ethiopia

Fact 1
Coffee was born here and coffee ceremonies are traditionally carried-out in homes across the country. Declining coffee when someone offers it to you is considered to be very rude.

Fact 2
It is the world’s only country that has 13 months with 30 months in every one except for the last one that has only 5-6 days. September 11th is considered to be the start of the New Year and they are lagging behind the western calendar by almost eight years.

Fact 3
Ethiopia is the only African country that has its very own unique script.

Fact 4
A large percentage of the Ethiopian populace claims to be descendents of the queen of Sheba, Makeda and King Solomon of Jerusalem.

Fact 5
Ethiopian network is the only television broadcast network in Ethiopia even in 2103. This network is a government-controlled one.

Fact 6
It is one of the only countries in Africa that was never colonized. From 1936- 1941, it was occupied by the Italians.

Fact 7
“Teff”, which is the smallest grain in the world is known to have originated here from 4000BC to 1000BC. It is a gluten-free nutrient-rich grain and is used to make “injera” an Ethiopian staple.

Fact 8
With more than 10 rivers flowing through it, it holds the biggest water reserve on the entire African continent. However, the irrigation system is very poor and thus distribution of water is not optimum.

Fact 9
Ancient books such as the Bible and the Koran make a mention of the country and its people. Either Ethiopia or Ethiopians have been mentioned almost 40 times in the Bible. The country is largely populated by Christians, Jews and Muslims.

Fact 10
Ethiopia has Christianity’s very first and oldest book that is a gospel of sorts that was written in 494 AD. It was found in a monastery and its bindings and colors are still intact.

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Is the country situated in the “Horn of Africa”.


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