Ten fun facts about Mario Molina

Fact 1
In 1995, he was the first Mexican-born citizen to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, along with two other men.

Fact 2
President Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom in August of 2013.

Fact 3
Their discovery that chlorine atoms destroy the ozone has helped make laws that protect the ozone layer.

Fact 4
His father was a diplomat and served as Chief Ambassador in three countries: the Philippines, Ethiopia and Australia.

Fact 5
When he was a child, he used a bathroom as his pretend laboratory, using toy chemistry sets.

Fact 6
He earned his doctoral degree in the United States, his postgraduate degree in Germany and his bachelor's degree in Mexico.

Fact 7
The paper he co-authored, published in "Nature", started the initial reaction that CFCs were bad for the environment.

Fact 8
He is a member of several organizations, including the National Academy of Sciences and the Pontifical Academy of Science.

Fact 9
There is an asteroid named after him, which is called the Asteroid 9680 Molina.

Fact 10
He has over 10 honorary degrees to schools in Mexico, the United States and even some European Universities.

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Short about Mario Molina
A Mexican chemist.