Facts on Nobel laureates in Chemistry

Linus Pauling

Was an American chemist, bio-chemist, author, educator and peace-activist.

10 facts about Linus Pauling

Ernest Rutherford

Was a New-Zealand born chemist and physicist.

10 facts about Ernest Rutherford

Marie Curie

Was a Polish-French physicist and chemist.

10 facts about Marie Curie

Emil Fischer

Was an eminent German chemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1902 and was best known for his influential research regarding the purines and the carbohydrates.

10 facts about Emil Fischer

Frederick Sanger

was a British biochemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice

10 facts about Frederick Sanger

Willard Libby

Was an American chemist best known as the developer of the radiocarbon dating technique for which he received the Nobel Prize in 1960.

10 facts about Willard Libby

Ahmed Zewail

Ahmed Hassan Zewail is an Egyptian scientist

10 facts about Ahmed Zewail

Carl Bosch

was a German chemist and engineer and Nobel laureate in chemistry

10 facts about Carl Bosch

Dorothy Hodgkin

was a British chemist, credited with the development of protein crystallography

10 facts about Dorothy Hodgkin

Fritz Haber

was a German chemist of Jewish origin

10 facts about Fritz Haber

Irene Joliot-Curie

A French scientist.

10 facts about Irene Joliot-Curie

Mario Molina

A Mexican chemist.

10 facts about Mario Molina

Otto Hahn

A German chemist.

10 facts about Otto Hahn

Svante Arrhenius

A Swedish scientist often referred to as a chemist.

10 facts about Svante Arrhenius

Wilhelm Ostwald

A Baltic German chemist.

10 facts about Wilhelm Ostwald

William Ramsay

A Scottish chemist who discovered the noble gases.

10 facts about William Ramsay