Ten fun facts about Frederick Sanger

Fact 1
He was one of only two people to have won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in the same category (the other is John Bardeen in Physics), the fourth person overall with two Nobel Prizes, and the third person overall with two Nobel Prizes in the sciences.

Fact 2
Sanger said he found no evidence for a God so he became an agnostic.

Fact 3
He declined the offer of a knighthood, as he did not wish to be addressed as “Sir”.

Fact 4
In 1986, he accepted the award of an Order of Merit, which can have only 24 living members.

Fact 5
He is the only chemist to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice.

Fact 6
He was the first scientist to sequence insulin.

Fact 7
He received the 1958 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his groundbreaking research on protein structure.

Fact 8
Sanger was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry once again in 1980, this time sharing it with Paul Berg and Walter Gilbert for determining the amino acid sequences of DNA information.

Fact 9
His later contributions constitute the basic genetic principles utilized by almost every biotechnology application.

Fact 10
He has received many other honors for his extraordinary work on genetics and biotechnology.

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Short about Frederick Sanger
was a British biochemist who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry twice