Ten fun facts about Red Pandas

Image of Red Pandas

Fact 1
Red Pandas get their name from their reddish brown fur. They have a black and white face marking with a long ringed tail

Fact 2
Fur on the soles of their feet helps them remain warm in high altitudes where they dwell.

Fact 3
They are native to southwestern region of China and the eastern region of the Himalayas. The natural habitat of these animals is damp coniferous forests.

Fact 4
Red Pandas are carnivores. Their diet consists of bamboo shoots and leaves. The average consumption per day is about 80 lb and they spend 13 hours a day searching for bamboo. They also eat berries, fruit, insects, blossoms, acorns, seeds fungi, small rodents, young birds and birds’ eggs.

Fact 5
The average size of a litter is one to five cubs. Cubs stay in the nest till the next mating season. They reach their full size at 12 months and can reproduce only when they are about 18 to 24 months.

Fact 6
The collective name for the group is a sloth or sleuth.

Fact 7
Pandas make sounds that are referred to as growls, honks and bleats.

Fact 8
A full grown red panda is about 20 to 25 inches tall and the adult weights between 7 to 13 lb.

Fact 9
They are good at climbing trees and remain active during the day. They use their tails when climbing for balance.

Fact 10
They are solitary animals. Red pandas have partially retractable claws and an extended bone which is similar to a “thumb.”

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Short about Red Pandas
Are small arboreal mammals related to weasels, skunks and raccoons and belonging to the Ailuridae family.

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