Ten fun facts about Robert Boyle

Fact 1
Since he is considered the first modern chemist, he is referred to as the "Father of Modern Chemistry".

Fact 2
He was the 7th of 14 children, but he and his elder brothers were fostered by a local family.

Fact 3
Before he left for Oxford, he was apart of a group called the "Invisible College", which became the Royal Society in 1663.

Fact 4
He made a wish list at some point, writing down future inventions, such as "art of flying" and "practical and certain ways of finding longitudes".

Fact 5
In a hospital in Dublin, there is a library that has some early editions of his work.

Fact 6
He was a monogenist and believed that everyone came from Adam and Eve, despite their skin color.

Fact 7
As one of the pioneers in the using the scientific method, he is most notable for Boyle's Law.

Fact 8
In his will there were a series of lectures, now known as Boyle Lectures and money to defend the Christian religion against those who did not believe.

Fact 9
After he left Oxford in 1668, he moved in with his sister. When she died, he died a week after she did.

Fact 10
Though he conducted experiments in physiology, he did not feel comfortable doing dissections or vivisections, even though he knew they were most informative.

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Short about Robert Boyle
An Irish natural philosopher, physicist and chemist.