Ten fun facts about Johannes Kepler

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Fact 1
From an early age, Kepler was immensely interested in astronomy. His interest in the field deepened when he witnessed a comet in 1577 and a lunar eclipse in the year 1580.

Fact 2
As a child Johannes Kepler suffered from smallpox. The disease left with crippled hands and a weak vision. This limited his ability to focus his energies on the observational aspect of astronomy.

Fact 3
Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity was based on Kepler’s works, “Epitome of Copemican Theory”, “Astronomia Nova” and “ Harmonices Mundi”.

Fact 4
Johannes Kepler and Galileo Galilei were contemporaries and they often put forth contradictory theories. However, their individual work formed the basis of many modern physics, astronomy and philosophy theories.

Fact 5
Kepler was called the founder of modern optics. He discovered the eyeglass for near-sightedness as well as far-sightedness.

Fact 6
He was the inventor of the Keplerian Telescope which was an upgraded version of the refracting telescope.

Fact 7
NASA named a mission in Kepler’s honor. Their planet-locating telescope was named after him.

Fact 8
This brilliant astronomer was the first to discuss how the moon affects tides. Galileo was one of his contemporaries who scoffed at him and said that this theory was a baseless one.

Fact 9
Kepler’s mother used to collect herbs and natural medicines. She was considered to be a witch. At one point Kepler had to hire lawyers to defend his mother from being sentenced to death.

Fact 10
His grandmother was tried in the Salem Witch Trials and sentenced to death.

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Short about Johannes Kepler
Was a 17th century German astronomer, mathematician and astrologer and a prominent figure in the scientific revolution.