Facts on German Lutherans

Johannes Kepler

Was a 17th century German astronomer, mathematician and astrologer and a prominent figure in the scientific revolution.

10 facts about Johannes Kepler

Werner Heisenberg

Was a German theoretical physicist and amongst the key creators of quantum mechanics.

10 facts about Werner Heisenberg

William Herschel

Was a German born British astronomer, technical expert and composer.

10 facts about William Herschel

Karl Friedrich Gauss

Was a German mathematician and physical scientist.

10 facts about Karl Friedrich Gauss

Fritz Haber

was a German chemist of Jewish origin

10 facts about Fritz Haber

Gottfried Leibniz

was a German mathematician and philosopher

10 facts about Gottfried Leibniz

Heinrich Hertz

A German physicist.

10 facts about Heinrich Hertz