Ten fun facts about Isaac Newton

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Fact 1
Isaac Newton was born in 1642 on Christmas day and was born a premature baby. He was born so premature, doctors did not expect him to survive.

Fact 2
He belonged to a farming family. His mother had insisted that he manage the family farm at the age of 17. Newton turned out to be a very bad farmer and thankfully for the rest of the world, he went on to study at Trinity College in Cambridge.

Fact 3
A large percentage of the discoveries that Newton made were between 21-27 years of age. However, these findings were disclosed to the world only several years later.

Fact 4
He became a Lucasian Professor of mathematics at the age of 26. This is a mathematics professorship at the University of Cambridge.

Fact 5
Newton’s greatest passion was the bible and he wrote less about science and mathematics and more about religion. He had calculated the date of the Jesus Christ’ crucifixion to be April 3, A.D. 33.

Fact 6
In 1668, Newton developed the Newtonian telescope which was the very first functional reflecting telescope.

Fact 7
His alchemical studies were kept under wraps while he was alive. Making gold and silver was considered to be a felony and was punishable by law.

Fact 8
In his one year stint as Member of Parliament in 1689, the only words he spoke were to an usher. He requested him to shut a window to stop the draft of wind from blowing in.

Fact 9
Isaac Newton was appointed the warden of the London Mint in 1696 and was assigned the task of putting an end to counterfeiting.

Fact 10
In his early years, Newton was a very bad student and had got beaten-up by a school bully. He eventually managed to challenge the boy and beat him up in return. As a second challenge to prove his mettle he strived to excel in academics and succeeded. This was the turning point of his life.

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Short about Isaac Newton
Was a British physicist and mathematician and one of the world’s greatest scientists.