Ten fun facts about William Thomson

Fact 1
Mostly known for finding the correct value of absolute zero, he also worked as an electric telegraph engineer and as an inventor.

Fact 2
He is buried close to Sir Isaac Newton at Westminster Abbey in London. There is a statue over his burial.

Fact 3
In 1892 he achieved the title as Lord Kelvin and entered into the House of Lords.

Fact 4
At the age of 10, he attended study at Glasgow University in 1834.

Fact 5
In 1870 he purchased a sailboat named the Lalla Rookh after his wife died, since he took an interest in seafaring.

Fact 6
He remarried only 4 years after his first wife had passed. He proposed to Fanny Blandy from a sailboat while approaching the harbor.

Fact 7
He made adjustments to the compass to fix it from making errors due to magnetic deviation.

Fact 8
In 1906 he was elected as the first President of the International Electrotechnical Commission.

Fact 9
He was a commander of the Imperial Order of the Rose, Legion of Hoor and the Order of Leopold.

Fact 10
Although he was proven wrong, he had predicted that the Earth only had 400 years of oxygen left, as of 1898. He was unaware of all the sources of photosynthesis.

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Short about William Thomson
An Irish and British physicist and engineer.