Ten fun facts about Prokop Divis

Ten fun facts about Prokop Divis

1. A Scholarly Legacy.

In 1719, Prokop Divis completed his basic studies, but it wasn't until seven years later in 1726 that he began to study philosophy in order to prepare for ordination. During this time, he was likely honing his skills in other areas, such as theology, to ensure he was fully prepared for the rigorous process of becoming a priest. His dedication to his studies paid off, as he was ordained in 1730 and went on to become a renowned theologian and philosopher.

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2. A Man of Faith Who Changed His Name

Vaclav Divisek was born with a name that would soon be forgotten. After entering his religious training, he adopted the name Prokop or Procopius, a name that would stay with him for the rest of his life. Prokop Divis was a man of faith, and his new name was a reflection of his commitment to his religious beliefs. He chose the name Procopius, which is derived from the Greek word for "advancement," to signify his desire to progress in his spiritual journey.

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3. The Father of the Czech Enlightenment

In 1726, Prokop Divis was ordained as a priest, but three years later, in 1729, he began teaching philosophy at the Charles University in Prague. His teachings were highly influential and he was considered to be one of the most important figures in the Czech Enlightenment. He was a proponent of the ideas of John Locke and Isaac Newton, and his lectures were attended by many of the leading intellectuals of the time.

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4. Lightning Protection Pioneer

Prokop Divis was a pioneering inventor who is often overlooked in the history books. He was the first person to come up with the concept of a grounded lightning rod, a device that is now synonymous with Benjamin Franklin. Divis' invention was revolutionary for its time, as it allowed people to protect their homes and other structures from lightning strikes. His invention was so successful that it was adopted by Franklin and other inventors, and is still used today to protect buildings from lightning damage.

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5. Prokop Divis Builds His Own 'Weather-Machine'

After Georg Richmann, a professor at St. Petersburg, was tragically killed by lightning, Prokop Divis was inspired to build a 'weather-machine' in order to better understand the power of nature. Richmann had been conducting experiments on the electrical properties of thunderstorms when he was struck by a bolt of lightning, and Divis was determined to use his knowledge to create a device that could predict and control the weather. His invention, the 'weather-machine', was the first of its kind and revolutionized the way we understand and interact with the environment.

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6. Doctor of Theology Prokop Divis achieves major milestone

In 1733, Prokop Divis achieved a major milestone in his academic career when he successfully completed his doctoral dissertation and was awarded his Doctor of Theology degree. This momentous achievement was the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, and marked the beginning of a long and distinguished career in the field of theology. Prokop Divis went on to become a renowned theologian, and his work has been cited in numerous scholarly publications.

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7. Emp. Francis Gives Gold to Prokop Divis for Revolutionary Exp.

At the Vienna Imperial Court, Emperor Francis Stephen was so impressed with Prokop Divis' experiment that he awarded him two gold medals in recognition of his achievement. Prokop's demonstration was so remarkable that it caught the attention of the Emperor himself, who was eager to show it off to the court. The experiment was a testament to Prokop's ingenuity and skill, and the medals were a fitting reward for his hard work.

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8. The Inventor of the Grounded Lightning Rod

Prokop Divis was a pioneering inventor who developed a lightning rod that was a significant improvement on Benjamin Franklin's design. Unlike Franklin's, Divis' lightning rod was grounded, meaning it was connected to the ground via a wire, allowing it to safely dissipate the electrical charge of a lightning strike. This made Divis' lightning rod much more effective at protecting buildings from the destructive power of lightning.

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9. Inventor of the First Electrical Musical Instrument: Prokop Divis

In 1753, Prokop Divis made history by inventing the world's first electrical musical instrument. This revolutionary device was capable of imitating the sound of other instruments, making it a groundbreaking development in the world of music. Divis' invention was a major step forward in the evolution of musical instruments, and it paved the way for the development of modern electronic instruments.

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10. The Prokop Divis Theatre: A Building With a Unique Lighting Rod

The Prokop Divis Theatre in the Czech town of Zamberk is a remarkable building, boasting a unique lightning rod on its roof. This rod is designed to protect the building from the dangers of lightning strikes, ensuring the safety of the theatre and its patrons. The theatre is named after the Czech playwright Prokop Divis, who was born in Zamberk in 1798. It is a fitting tribute to the man who wrote some of the most beloved plays in Czech history.

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