Ten fun facts about Robert Brown

Fact 1
He obtained his degree in 1572 from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Fact 2
He has seven published works, including "A New Year's Guift" and "A True and Short Declaration".

Fact 3
Before founding a church of his own Congregational beliefs, he seceded from the Church of England.

Fact 4
He was imprisoned a total of 32 times for his beliefs. He died in jail at Northampton.

Fact 5
Because the passengers on the infamous Mayflower were Brownists, he is often referred to as "The Father of the Pilgrims".

Fact 6
Though he was an active Separatist, he was only active between 1579 and 1585 before conforming back to the Church of England.

Fact 7
His rejection of the Puritan views cut his tenure as a lecturer at St. Benet's Church, Cambridge.

Fact 8
He attempted to organize another church in the Netherlands in 1581, but the community broke up as well.

Fact 9
While he was at Cambridge, he was influenced by Puritan theologians, including people like Thomas Cartwright.

Fact 10
Two men were hanged in 1583 for circulating his piece "A Booke which sheweth the life and manners of all True Christians".

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Short about Robert Brown
An Anglican priest who was the founder of the Brownists.