Ten fun facts about Topeka

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Fact 1
The city is well known for the landmark United States Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, which overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson and declared segregation in public schools on account of race to be unconstitutional.

Fact 2
Three ships of the US Navy have been named USS Topeka in honor of the city.

Fact 3
The meaning of Topeka is unknown and unrecorded. It is believed to be from the languages of the Kansa and the Ioway.

Fact 4
As a placename, Topeka was first recorded in 1826 as the Kansa name for what is now called the Kansas River.

Fact 5
Topeka's founders chose the name in 1855 because it “was novel, of Indian origin and euphonious of sound.”

Fact 6
In 1857, Topeka was chartered as a city.

Fact 7
Home to the first African-American kindergarten west of the Mississippi River, Topeka became the home of Oliver Brown, the named plaintiff in Brown v. Board of Education.

Fact 8
In 1989 Topeka became a motorsports mecca with the opening of Heartland Park Topeka.

Fact 9
The mixed-blood Kansa Indian, Joseph James, called Jojim, is credited with suggesting the name of Topeka.

Fact 10
The city, laid out in 1854, was one of the Free-State towns founded by Eastern antislavery men immediately after the passage of the Kansas–Nebraska Bill.

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Short about Topeka
is the capital city of the State of Kansas and the county seat of Shawnee County.