Ten fun facts about Missouri

Ten fun facts about Missouri

1. The "Show Me State"

Missouri is affectionately known as the "Show Me State," a nickname that reflects the state's independent spirit and determination. The phrase is believed to have originated in 1899 when Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver declared, "I'm from Missouri and you've got to show me" in response to a speech about the superiority of the East Coast. Since then, the phrase has become a part of the state's identity, representing the state's commitment to skepticism and its refusal to accept things at face value.

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2. Missouri First to Parachute from an Aircraft in Flight

In 1912, Captain Berry made history when he became the first person to ever successfully parachute from an airplane in flight. His daring feat took place in St. Louis, Missouri, and was a major milestone in the development of aviation. The jump was made from a height of 1,500 feet, and was a major success for the aviation industry. Captain Berry's jump was a major step forward in the development of parachuting, and it is still remembered today as a major milestone in the history of aviation.

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3. Missouri's Role in Iced Tea History

At the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair, Richard Blechyden made history when he invented iced tea. This refreshing beverage has since become a staple of summertime refreshment, but it all began in Missouri, where Blechyden's innovative idea was first put into practice. His invention has since become a beloved part of American culture, and it all started in the Show Me State.

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4. Missouri's most destructive tornado of all time

On March 18, 1925, Missouri experienced its most devastating tornado in history. This destructive storm lasted for a harrowing three hours, leaving 823 people dead and nearly 3,000 injured in its wake. The tornado caused immense destruction, leaving a path of destruction that was felt for years to come.

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5. Missouri and Tennessee are the most neighborly states in the US

Missouri and Tennessee are two of the most neighborly states in the US, with each state being bordered by a whopping eight other states. Missouri is bordered by Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and a small portion of the state of Illinois. Tennessee is bordered by Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. With so many states in close proximity, it's no wonder why these two states are considered to be the most neighborly.

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6. Missouri's First Two State Capitals Destroyed by Fire

Missouri's first two state capitols were both tragically destroyed by fire. The first one, erected in Jefferson City, burned down in 1837, and the second one, also in Jefferson City, was destroyed by fire in 1911. Both fires were devastating losses for the state, and the second one was particularly devastating as it destroyed the state's archives and records.

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7. Missouri - A State Like No Other

Missouri is a state like no other - it has more fountains than the city of Rome, and more boulevards than the city of Paris! This is an impressive feat, considering that Rome and Paris are two of the most iconic cities in the world. Missouri's abundance of fountains and boulevards make it a unique and beautiful place to visit, and it's no wonder that it's a popular tourist destination.

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8. Missouri's Tallest Human: Robert Pershing Wadlow

Robert Pershing Wadlow, a native of St. Louis, Missouri, holds the record for the tallest human in medical history. Standing at an incredible 8 feet 11.1 inches tall, Wadlow was a remarkable figure who left an indelible mark on the world. His life was cut short at the age of 22 due to an infection caused by a brace on his leg, but his legacy lives on as a reminder of the incredible heights humans can reach.

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9. Missouri Becomes First State to Free Slaves

Missouri made history in 1865 when it became the first state to free its slaves, a momentous event that was unanimously recognized at the time. This groundbreaking decision was a major step forward in the fight for civil rights and equality, and it set a powerful example for other states to follow. The emancipation of slaves in Missouri was a major milestone in the long struggle for freedom and justice in the United States.

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10. Missouri's Top Agricultural Commodity

Missouri is a major producer of soybeans, with the crop generating the most cash of any other in the state. In fact, soybeans are the leading agricultural commodity in Missouri, with the state producing over 200 million bushels of soybeans each year. This makes Missouri the fourth largest producer of soybeans in the United States, and the crop is a major contributor to the state's economy.

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Short about Missouri
Is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States.


Fast facts
Number of households
Per capita income
Life expectancy in number of years
August 10, 1821
Jefferson City
Largest city
Kansas City
Number of billionaires
State dance
Square Dance
State bird
Eastern bluebird
State mammal
Missouri mule
State fish
Channel catfish
State tree
Flowering Dogwood
State flower