Ten fun facts about Robert Hooke

Fact 1
There are no authenticated portraits of Hooke to exist and it is said that his portrait in the Royal Society was purposely destroyed.

Fact 2
He worked on the designs of the Royal College of Physicians, the Royal Greenwich Observatory and other buildings in the 1600's.

Fact 3
When he was a child he took an interest in drawing and he would make his own materials from chalk, iron ore and coal.

Fact 4
A year after the Royal Society was founded, Hooke was named the experiment Curator.

Fact 5
In 1664, he became a professor of geometry at Gresham College, where free lectures were given to the public.

Fact 6
According to his diary, he also took care of one of his nieces and one of his cousins.

Fact 7
He was one of the first to develop a scientific model of the human memory, which he proposed in a 1682 lecture to the Royal Society.

Fact 8
One of his interests was astronomy, and he discovered one of the first double-star systems in 1664.

Fact 9
In his book "Micrographia", he used his hand-crafted microscope for his observations. He coined the term cell.

Fact 10
His father was a priest but also in charge of the school, so he could help teach Hooke at school and home, since he was often ill.

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Short about Robert Hooke
An English natural philosopher and polymath.